Crumpled mess or flat perfection – your choice

I thought I could fold a T-shirt before I saw this video. My method involved dropping the crumpled mess into someone else’s pile for them to deal with it. Not any more. Oh no. I’m spectacular. I even fold tee shirts for pleasure!



And here’s an English version



So have you seen this video before? Did you adopt the method? If it’s new to you – what do you think? Fantastic? If not – how do you fold a T-shirt? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Crumpled mess or flat perfection – your choice

  1. That is soooo cool!! I was sitting there very skeptical, watched him do it and I KNOW my jaw dropped. I was thinking — DO THAT AGAIN!! LOL… I’ve taken to hanging up my shirts because I was frustrated with how sloppy I am folding them. Now I’ve got to go find a shirt to fold!!

    • That’s exactly what I did – from the hanging in the wardrobe to searching out all the T-shirts in the washing basket just to do it again and again. Like learning a magic trick.

  2. If you looked in any of my drawers you’d see that I clearly don’t care how my t-shirts are folded. And when I pack a suitcase I roll everything. However, this trick is totally cool and I might try it.

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