Fabulous Folding Part 2

Now you are all experts at folding T-shirts lets move on to the next lesson – the dreaded fitted sheet.

I was shown this technique quite a few years ago. It was pre just about everything digital (you remember the internet in the 1990’s?), so I promptly forgot how to do it. However, after years of Linen Cupboard Nightmares along came YouTube with its magical “replay” button and voila –  there it is right in my living room.

So, without further ado and just in time for the weekend I give to you – the perfectly folded fitted sheet.

What do you think? I’m still working on the perfection side of things but I’ll get there!

Because, once we’ve mastered the fitted sheet, this next video shows us how to attain the neatness of a minimalist look cupboard which we’d be proud to show to everyone (including that photographer from the stylish magazine who’s been lurking behind our shoulders all these years).

Let me know how you get on in the comments – I’d love to hear. I hope you have a good weekend.

12 thoughts on “Fabulous Folding Part 2

  1. So I’ve been doing fairly well on fitted sheets all these years … but wrapping the flat sheet around the other components for one bed — that’s brilliant! LOL…. (AND I LOVE the folding t-shirt thing! I don’t hate doing my husband’s laundry nearly as much now! Thanks!)

  2. Great instructions, Margaret. Except I decided long ago that life was too short to fold fitted sheets. LOL I do a reasonable wad and stuff in the linen closet. After all, we’re only sleeping on them.

    Another tip on bundling: I use the pillowcase.

    Now off to wash the sheets.

  3. Evil geniuses. The guy in the second video would be HORRIFIED at my “linen closet” (which, is sort of an “everything closet” that happens to hold some sheets, too…)
    I’m feeling like a little reorganization might be in order…

    Thanks Margaret!

  4. I belong to the lumpy mass school of fitted sheet folding. It’s not broken, so I don’t need to fix it. I’m glad my husband doesn’t get upset about the lumpy masses. At least, he never complains when HE changes the sheets.

    • In all honesty I try very hard to bypass the linen cupboard altogether – sheets off – washed – dried and back on. Might be a bit boring but I don’t care about the colour when I’m asleep. 🙂

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