ANZAC Day and ROW80 checkin

Anzac Day is a national holiday in Australia so we’ve been quietly pottering around as a family mostly. I made ANZAC Biscuits this morning and later we went to a textile exhibition at the Hobart Botanical Gardens.

ANZAC Day in Hobart

The Australian War Memorial has a good explanation of what ANZAC day is. Early in my life it was rejected by many people as a “celebration” of war.  I think we have matured a bit since then. The last of the “diggers’ who served at Gallipoli has passed away and it is now seems to be thought of as a sobering memory and a reminder of things we do not want to happen again.

That or another media circus.

ANZAC Biscuits were sent overseas to the troops serving in World War 1 and this recipe is the exact one I’ve memorised from my high school cooking classes – some things just really never change thank goodness. If you can’t get Golden Syrup (or “cocky’s joy” as my elderly relatives call it)  just use honey. Thanks to Ozfoodie for the picture.

ROW80 Checkin

As I’ve only been doing it for two days there’s not a lot to say especially when one day was a public holiday and the other was spent with a friend. I have been able to make progress on the weaving and walking. As for writing – no WIP words on the page to report but I’ve started the background research for the book reviews that are due in a couple of weeks.

6 thoughts on “ANZAC Day and ROW80 checkin

  1. Hi there!

    I’m swinging by from the ROW80 linky.

    Just a head’s up, but your link was a bit garbled in the ROW80 linky. I had to trim some excess stuff off of it to get here. Hope other’s figure it out, too.

    I love Anzac biscuits. I used to keep one in my purse at all times as something to keep my blood sugar happy throughout the day. I did not know the story behind them, though. Really interesting. I may have to give your recipe a try.

    Anyway, welcome to ROW80. I think you will find it a fun, friendly place. If you don’t get many comments this time around, it may be because of that link error, so don’t take it personally!

    p.s. I’ll tweet your link to the #row80 folks on Twitter, that should help you get some traffic. I’m @mentalmosaic

  2. Hi Margaret – I haven’t been here for awhile. I like what you’ve done with the place!
    I remember that ANZAC recipe, except we didn’t call it that. I used to make it as a child growing up in Canada. It’s definitely a cookie that would travel well, and delicious too.

    Good luck with the ROW80!

    • That’s interesting Suzanne if you ever remember what they were called I’d love to know. Maybe they’re a Commonwealth recipe which we commandeered?

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