Taking the Plunge – ROW 80

I’m starting this ROW80 challenge a few weeks into the round after reading S.J. Dricoll’s happy post last week. Over time I’ve become wary of too much goal setting – I found the ground kept shifting and I’d end up disappointed that “nothing” was achieved or I’d decided that it was a silly goal in the first place. I’m hoping the ROW80 paradigm accommodates the vagaries of my life – it says it does anyway.

So here’s the Big List for the next two months


Complete two short stories for publication

Complete two articles for publication

Participate in the Great Conversation by

  • writing two blog posts per week
  • commenting on three blog posts per day
  • tweeting daily with my fellow writers and spinners
House and Garden

Throw out five items a day – that is start getting rid of the junk!

Organise the renovations we have planned – measurable? Get a start date.

Spend 30 minutes in the garden every fine day.


Complete Certificate Part B

  • Knowledge Use and Care of Equipment
  • Design Princliples – Colour and Blending

Finish spinning the red and blue wool on the Eyre Wheel.

Finish weaving Shawl for Exhibition

Spin two lots of 100gms of sock yarn

Blend wool/alpaca for a pullover – drum carder – The New Zealand Flax project.

Health and Wellbeing

Walk The Block every fine day

Establish a gluten and sugar free habit/diet

Some of those goals are big and inclusive while some are self explanatory. As the weeks progress the breakdown/micro management of the goals will be apparent (I hope). So that’s it all I have to do now is hit “publish” – just do it.

Do you ever sit on a post wondering why you’re reluctant to commit? I am.

17 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge – ROW 80

  1. Welcome! You will love the ROW80 crowd they are amazingly supportive of you no matter how much you achieve over the course of the week. In fact, the best part is how supportive they are when you don’t hit your goals they give you the motivation to keep writing. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

  2. Good goals! The only two things I’d suggest is that you include somewhere in there submitting the stories, and maybe changing the 3 blog comments to 1-3. There are some days, particularly over the weekend, where there isn’t much going on, so it may be hard to find blogs you want to comment on.

    • Oh! So that’s what I have to do with the stories?? Seriously Linda, thanks for the suggestions it is much appreciated. I will see about making the changes.

  3. Welcome to the ROW80 group! I have to say the one goal that you wrote that is so simply brilliant to me is “Throw out five items a day – that is start getting rid of the junk!” I love this.

    My husband and I were doing a major clean up on Saturday and I was internally festering because he wasn’t throwing anything away. All I kept thinking was, “Is it really cleaning up if nothing is getting thrown out?!” So I kept looking for things to chuck, myself, trying to make up for his “cleaning” technique. I think I may steal your goal for myself. I SHALL CONQUER OUR CLUTTER! 😀

    Thanks, Margaret!

    • Thank you Cora – I can certainly understand you need to distance yourself from schedules for a while. I had distanced myself so far that I felt like I was chasing my tail and never getting anything completed.

  4. I like the list. It’s really good to have something definitive to aim towards. I am very familiar with ‘shifting ground’. I think it’s something that all of us struggle with

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