Spinning–an update

Last week some blogging friends of mine shared our thoughts on art. Quite serendipitously I came across the website of the contemporary artist, Anna Mlasowsky, who is using a spinning wheel to spin glass.

Photo from annamlasowsky.com

Do take the time to read her story and watch the short video of her spinning the glass. I get a sense that this is almost performance art not just a means to and end.

As for my own spinning endeavours, I’ve been flat out mainly doing things for other people.

Top left is merino (wool) blended with silk noils which give the yarn a beautiful soft texture. The skein is 1054m so it took quite a while to produce – off and on since last October. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this for myself yet or put it in the shop as is.

Top right are some of the batts which I’ve been preparing for the Guild’s “Give spinning a go” day.

Bottom right is going to turn into a horrible mess I’m sure. Janet Knoop proposed an experiment in an old technique for cleaning fleece using fermented suint. Read about it if you like otherwise imagine a horrible smell and move on.

Bottom left is one of the two skeins I recently spun for a Guild event we are going to at the Campbell Town Show. It was proposed that we spin and weave wool “in the grease” as part of the demonstration. Normally most of us would be using washed (and dyed) wool. But as this show is one of the oldest in the country the idea was to do it all there and then. Not possible. The two skeins which I have done too 40 hours of intense spinning and they will be used to warp the loom and start the weaving so that people will have something to see straight away. Together the two skeins measured 1.7 km which means there was 5.1 km of treadling involved.

Oh yes – and writing of course. I’ve been working on some flash fiction as it fills in the gaps nicely between all the other activities.

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  1. These photographs are art in themselves. I can’t even imagine the time it took to spin these stunning skeins. What a fascinating activity. I’d like to know more about spinning. I’ll look to see if you have other posts on it.

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