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2013-05-21 SunshineAward ORIGINAL

#MyWANA friend Suzanne Sengl gave me the Sunshine Award last week. It came on a cold windy day and is so beautiful and happy I am delighted to accept it. Thanks Suzanne.

The rules of the Sunshine Award are:

  • Include the award’s logo (and rules) in a post on your blog.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 10 questions below.
  • Pass the award on to a bunch of “Sunshine inspiring” bloggers. The rules say 10 people, but choose however many you like. 

And here are the questions: (As Suzanne notes: We are talking about Favourites, and that will be Favorites to some of you. See her post on being bilingual.)

Favourite Colour I tend to wear neutral colours but splash out with the accessories – I love the blues and oranges in the logo above.

Favourite Animal I’d have to say the one in my life right now – it’s been many years since the birds were real


Favourite Number I came up with 4 and that’s about right.

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink Freshly squeezed apple juice from out own tree

Favourite Alcoholic Drink Sauvignon Blanc – both NZ and Australian – they are different – but so many good ones.

Facebook or Twitter first choice G+

Passions As well as writing? – spinning wool, Classical history, history of textile manufacture including reproducing techniques, Colonial Australian history (all fodder for writing anyway).

Prefer getting or giving presents Hand crafting a gift for someone (but it’s pretty good to also receive handcrafted gifts).

Favourite City  I’d have to say Hobart – I love it’s Georgian waterfront

and that you’re right in the middle of the fishing fleet and the icebreakers going to Antarctica.

Favourite TV Show Recently I’ve enjoyed The Doctor Blake Mysteries  but a favourite, it’s hard to say.

Thanks again Suzanne, it was delightful. Tuesday Cafe is Suzanne’s blog – well worth visiting.


Here are my nominations for the Sunshine Award. These bloggers all use #mywana on twitter. They  may or may not continue the meme but have a look at their blogs, and enjoy.

Sheila Bali writes historical fiction and her latest post is Has anybody seen Cary Grant Naked?

Faith Mortimer writes mysteries and is currently raising awareness for diabetes with a wonderful team – the auction is for a kindle loaded with 40 something titles.

Julie Glover has written mystery, middle grade and young adult contemporary and her current post is a “more cowbell” version of Flat Stanley.

Tahlia Newland  writes “contemporary fantasy and magical realism with a  metaphysical twist”.

J.L. Mbewe has a wonderful tagline “Adventure stories with a hint of romance and a splash of the fantastical”.

Jen Price writes Postcards from Tikaboo Peak.

Tima Maria Lacoba’s first book will be released at the end of the month and here she posts about working on getting it right.

Jolyse Barnett writes about ordinary people who find extraordinary love and is sharing some milestones.

Today Sara Francis-Fujimura is blogging about writing authentic teen voices.

Suzanne Whitfield Vince recalls crossing the finish line in an Ironman Triathlon and what it taught her.

I hope you’ve found some new bloggers to follow – I know I have.

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