Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014


I love this challenge – it makes me read new stuff. I’m still pretty slack at reviewing though, so this year I’ve upped the anti in the reading department, but opted out of reviewing.  It doesn’t mean I won’t review, just that I’m not committing to reviewing. I guess you might have to be me to understand.


I feel no inclination to preselect the books, I always liked wandering into a library to wait for a book to jump out at me so that’s what I’m going to do here – read other people’s selections, reviews, do my own research and see what comes up.

The main focus will be fantasy but that’s not to say I’m wedded to that genre (not really).

So, off the shelf in January,

  1. Trudi Canavan – The Traitor Queeen
  2. Katie W. Stewart – Treespeaker
  3. Heather Rose – The River Wife

2 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014

  1. Good on you, Margaret! I signed up last year, and didn’t get many reviews written either. I’m too afraid to sign up this year, in case I bomb out again… but considering I’m about to finish the third novel by an Australia woman for this year already, maybe things are looking up…

    FYI, I just read and reviewed Winter be my shield by Jo Spurrier – which is fantasy! You might be interested… Perhaps I should go sign up for AWW14 now!

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