Sisterhood of the World – A Blogging Award

Thank you Margaret Lynette Sharpe for nominating me for this award before the Christmas break.


The rules for receiving the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award are as follows.

  1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer 8-10 questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

I’m delighted to be considered worthy of this award.

The Questions:

  1. Your favorite color – oh Indigo without a doubt – not only do I wear it the history of the colour is fascinating
  2. Your favorite animal – I can barely remember a time in my life spent without a cat nearby
  3.  Facebook or Twitter – Google+
  4. Your favorite pattern – twill
  5. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – I enjoy both – especially when it is a surprise
  6.  Your favorite number? – I don’t know but “7” is insisting I write it down
  7. Your favorite day of the week? – Saturday – so much potential in a weekend
  8. Your favorite flower? – Roses or boronia or stackhousia – all with exquisite perfumes
  9. What is your passion? – Spinning, weaving, phoneography, writing, living quietly

And to continue Margaret’s trend I will pass these same questions on to the following bloggers and say thanks for sharing your worlds with me:

  1. Tazzieval – life in the Huon Valley sounds wonderful
  2. Nancy Merrill – whose photos I enjoy
  3. Ellen Gregory – who always has something interesting to say
  4. Cathelina di Alessandri – the alter ego of a Queensland Living Historian
  5. Mary/Mazz –  who shares her experiments with natural dyes
  6. Sally Donnatello –  writes and takes pictures with her phone
  7. Jill Sanders –  whose Saori weaving was the first I encountered
  8. Kaz Madigan –  a wonderful Australian weaver
  9. Nancy Munroe –  handspinner, knitter, designer
  10. Janice Heck – a writer who also like cats

Thanks again Margaret Lynette for the opportunity to explore all your wonderful nominees, I had fun. I hope my nominees find something of interest, too.

I realize not everyone is interested in awards, that’s fine. I find passing on these awards is a way to recognize the bloggers we like, and to share your sites with others bloggers.  So, feel free to accept it or not, there’s no hard feelings either way 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World – A Blogging Award

  1. Congratulations on your award. I also want to thank you for the nomination. Mostly, this online journey brings together a community of like and unlike individuals who share their inner and outer worlds. I am always amazed at how we find each other. Not only was it a delight to find your site, but now you have introduced me to others. By the way, decades ago I was a weaver and basket maker. It’s an honor to be recognized by you.

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