Phoneography Monday: Black and White

Although I took a lot of B&W photos in the 70’s, this challenge made me realise that I’d never tried it with the smartphone. So thanks to Sally and the weekly Challenge I was excited to do this again.

Needs a bit of a trim


All set and ready to start weaving


The first photo was literally snapped as I walked past. I’m pleased with the way all the different greens in the leaves of the plant and the striations have shown up in the grey scale.

The second photo, in my studio with natural light, is again just a snap with no preparation.

Camera: Android – HTC One – using standard phone app with B&W filter.

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4 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Black and White

  1. Each has a fascinating feature and appeal. which is made more apparent by the monochrome. I really like the way the light softens in the first, and gives the plant a more ethereal quality. I’m delighted to spark your return to the joy of black and white. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  3. Thanks Janet, I see what you mean now you’ve pointed it out. I’m not yet at the stage where I can confidently say why something works or not. Hopefully through this challenge I’ll get there.

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