Phoneography Monday – my choice – food

GoGo Balls

The thing that I find delightful about phoneography is the abundant sharing of wonderful food photos. So here’s my contribution to this pastime. GoGo Balls from the New Town Greenstore . It was gorgeous by the way, enough to satisfy without the enormous serves that we often encounter.

Camera: HTC One – with cropping

And because this challenge is for our smartphones, I’ve decided to try and do the whole post on the phone inside the WordPress app. Here goes.

This challenge is organised by Lens and Pens by Sally

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10 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday – my choice – food

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  3. aloha Margaret. wow. the entire post on your phone is daunting (to me). altho i do have one of the most basic phones around. . . .

    your photo makes my mouth water. very cool. aloha.

    • G’Day Rick – glad you liked the photo. I’m pretty OK as long as I don’t write more than a paragraph and only include one or two photos! I must admit that I do give it a once over pretty soon after publishing though.

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