Art Yarn Haiku

Corespun Yarn with Cocoons


The old swimming hole

Where we squandered hours as kids

Is rank with putrid scum

This is not your everyday knit-a-hat sort of yarn, at least not in my eyes. It’s a style of hand spinning usually called “artyarn” and the techniques I used were corespinning with cocoons. The fibres in their unspun state reminded me of rank and ruined creeks near industrial estates so the haiku was written to reflect the image I saw in the fibres. I was playing with the notion of “art” and wondered if it was possible to combine poetry with colour and texture. It’s only a beginning – an experiment.

I don’t know – do you think something as taken-for-granted as wool can be something more than just a scarf or a beanie?

5 thoughts on “Art Yarn Haiku

  1. I love the combination of texture and text, colour and crossing-over, and not being defined by narrow categories. Beautiful yarn and a beautiful yarn 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy – I think your words belong in my “about me” (the bit about not being defined by narrow categories). It really gives me pleasure to combine different arts or skills in this way.

  2. The colors of the yarn are my favorite. I see the artyarn as trim for a pillow or the front of a pillow made from it. Your Haiku is great. Keep moving forward. Blessings.

  3. I love the combination of the yarn and the haiku and the explanation of how it all came to be.
    the yarn picture is so bright and welcoming, the textures incredible, the light shines, it draws you in.
    i think you have combined colour and texture with poetry pretty well!

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