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Blogrolls – not sure about these. I guess I suffer from the disappointments from the early days when site owners didn’t keep them up to date and so frequently the links led to dead ends. So much so that there was a joke going around about The End of the Internet. I was delighted to see that the site still existed even though it’s changed significantly – no Facebook that long ago.

Anyway. Blogrolls – I’ve decided to handle this a bit differently. Rather than dedicate space to a list of names on the side I am going to occasionally post links to some of the sites I’ve been visiting. It will certainly make me think through the time I spend here and hopefully introduce you to someone new.

Judith posted a prompt inspired short piece of fiction called The Wherry which I “liked”. This post lead directly to the Friday Fictioneers which sounds like a lot of fun to be part of. Judith’s also a very experienced weaver – you can get to her weaving site from the writing site.

Can you smell the apple crisp? A delightful post from the blogger whose self description goes – I am an Artist, Philosopher and Photographer.  Just one cool cat.

An Open Letter to Peter Jackson Susan Roberts reflects on her journey to fiction writing and, of course, Peter Jackson and his ability to bring Tolkein’s story alive. It includes a youtube video of those wonderful lines given to Sam: “There’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo”.

Lastly if you’re into various weekly challenge groups Sunday Photo Fiction provides photo prompts and is a great place to start, there are links to other sites as well.

That’s it for this post, it took me way longer than I anticipated so let me know in the comments if you would prefer a real blogroll.

7 thoughts on “Blog Rolling

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise that was! Thank you, Margaret. I clicked on the other links and enjoyed some good reads. Like you, I’m still undecided about a blogroll, but I think this is a great idea. I am probably more likely to click on three or four blogs that have been recommended by another blogger than to visit every link on their blogroll. I suppose a short blogroll that is constantly rotated is an alternative, though. I will be interested to see what other commenters think.

    • “smile”. I rather liked the recommendation approach when i saw it done. I guess if we find we’re always linking to a core of people that’s when an actual roll might come into its own.

  2. I too find the blog rolls very often are outdated. I have one at my miniatures site and recently discovered that one of them doesn´t exist any more. I don´t have many links only those I have used myself in the past but still you cant be everywhere. And of course should go over them to update them.
    On the blog I mostly blog on I give links in the postings if they are relevant. And of course it is quite impossible to check them all. Just the other week I discovered that a link to the city council about the history of the schools in the area that I posted with photographs of schools didn´t exist anymore.
    So a small blogroll with active links is a good idea. But still a little work if you don´t visit them regularly.
    I wish you all a good day!

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