The Search for Atlantis | Eternal Atlantis

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I’ve had a long-term interest in Classical History – since my days as an undergraduate, so I’m sharing with you an excerpt from a recent post by Luciana Cavallaro. She describes herself as an “historical fiction fantasist” and her stories draw on classical myths and legends. This blog post of hers contains a collection of documentaries and her thoughts about Atlantis – especially its location.

If you’ve only got time to watch one I recommend the first video with Bettany Hughes.

Plato’s Atlantis was the precursor to his epic and quantifiable exposition The Republic, a discourse on the ideal society. How government should run, the election of public servants, the laws and the behaviour of its citizens—men. Women were mentioned but weren’t considered as major players in workings of the social order. So was Plato writing about a civilisation that once existed or did he make it all up to create a moralistic story? It is this driving quest that has stirred the imaginations of storytellers and historians for hundreds of years. Was Atlantis a real place?

The Search for Atlantis | Eternal Atlantis.


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