Mountain Morning

Yesterday we took some time away from our typical Saturday morning routine – shopping, washing, gardening, cleaning – you know general house type things. Our destination was the lower slopes of Mt Wellington and the walk up to New Town Falls. The photos we’d seen of it were quite pretty and there are also some geocaches to collect along the way. With rain forecast for the afternoon it was go now or put it off again.

Climbing up through the lower slopes was steep but the rushing stream was a pleasant distraction. The plaintive cry of a cockatoo interrupted the creek’s constant chattering. As we got higher the path became a walking track rather than a fire trail. The Old Hobartian hut ruins made a good break while we poked around. I love thinking about ruins wondering the who, what, why of their existence.

Our walk to the falls

Our walk to the falls

Further along the track as we walked from one gully to the next there were a few scraggly bushes of wattle blooming beside the path on the dryer slopes away from the creek.They say that somewhere in Australia no matter when it is you will find wattle blooming. I don’t know about that but there are certainly many different types. This one was creamy and pale rather than the more flamboyant bright yellow.

The falls themselves were a delight. Just sitting in the quite with the stream flowing over a rock shelf at our feel was restorative. I wanted to share some of that with you so here is a very short (20 second) video of the waterfall. Just a tiny one by world standards, but pretty, nevertheless. It was taken with my phone so forgive the hand movements and the vertical format, please.


Could you imagine yourself in the bush just sitting taking in the quite?

Do you have a favourite place or activity to break routine?

Until next time

8 thoughts on “Mountain Morning

  1. Gorgeous video. My favourite way to break routine and recharge is to visit the cliffs near my home and watch the waves rolling onto the beach. My favourite time is when it is stormy and you can taste the salt spray on the wind.

    • Ahh cliffs and oceans and salt spray and rolling waves – inspirational and calming at the same time. That smell – I can smell it now – thanks for giving me that memory.

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