Postcard from Dover, TAS

Foreshore at Dover


We’ve been to the beach! Again 🙂

I no longer live close enough for a daily walk but when we go camping through summer it’s nearly always by the water – preferably a beach.They’re calming and flat which makes a nice change from uphill on the side of Mt Wellington. This beach at Dover (Tasmania) had people out throwing sticks for their dogs and young families building castles with the kids. Others come for a swim and even to paddle kayaks or sit-on-tops. And thankfully there were no noisy machines whizzing around disturbing us.

Anyway, must go, my postcard is running out of space. I’d love to hear about the quite places where you like to go.

12 thoughts on “Postcard from Dover, TAS

  1. Really picturesque post-card from Dover, Margaret. Fascinating pic of water front, with the tree at foreground leaning towards the water with limbs extended, as if desirous of embracing the beautifully fluid entity ahead…enjoy your week…

  2. Fantastic photo, Margaret. I must say, I love finding picturesque, out-of-the-way spots like that to enjoy some quiet and solitude–but I love even more to travel to bustling places where I can enjoy the scenery and people-watching all at once. I’m half Brasilian and have been there many times, and while the more undisturbed beaches are undoubtedly beautiful, I love nothing more than to kick back on the beaches of Rio.

  3. Hi Paula – I can understand that – maybe it’s not so much seeking a balance between the bustling places and the quiet ones as having them both equally a part of you, pleasure in both.

  4. Gorgeous photo Margaret. I have to say I am partial to beaches and spent quite a lot of time at the beach. Now days not so much but we went away for Easter to our corner of the south west, Busselton, and it was beautiful. I forgot how much I love it there.

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