A Renovation!

Remember seeing those little yellow gifs of a road worker and the bold heavy words “Under Construction”? Well, instead of starting again and constructing a blog from the beginning I’m having a little renovation.

For the last while I have been deeply immersed in our family history and I’m hoping to share some of the stories I am uncovering – both fiction and non fiction. Even my spinning and walking and photography have changed and adapted to reflect this blossoming passion. It’s wonderful to continue to learn even as I get older.

I’ll be changing my “About Page” soon but I’m still pondering how to organise the material. I’ve seen so many different ways other people have developed their Family History blogs I’m not sure which way to go at the moment. For me the simpler the better.

Lastly, the current header image is of a section of Dere St, a Roman Road in Southern Scotland. It was great to discover that my Roxburgh family had lived very near by. Whether they knew much of the Romans is another matter. For them it may have been simply a way to get from one place to another.  You can see the road following the dry stone fence into the distance beside the pine forest. It was a beautiful walk the day we did it – warm and sunny and without wind. Even the boggy bits down in the hollows were kind of fun.

But now I must make some decisions and follow my own new road.

3 thoughts on “A Renovation!

  1. Good to have you blogging again! My family has been unable to trace itself past Philadelphia and to the country from which it came. For all I know, I’m related to horse thieves in Holland!

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