About Me

Hello and thanks for calling in.

I’m writing fantasy fiction at the moment – can I get you a cup of tea or coffee?

While the kettle’s boiling let me tell you what’s here. Over there in my studio you’ll find all my fibre and textile interests – I’m still hand spinning after all these years as well as doing some weaving and knitting. The books I’m reading are all on the coffee table, and my camera lives in the backpack by the door along with my boots all ready to go. Mostly we explore our homestate, Tasmania, but occasionally go over to the Mainland (Australia). My writing gets done at the desk in the sun room but now let’s talk about life and the universe.

Come in and welcome!




12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good to have tea with you, Margaret! I look forward to more visits, and chats about writing and knitting. I recently started to use a loom instead of knitting needles because my fingers are getting a bit arthritic. So far it’s going well…

  2. Thanks for your invite. You have a nice site that will surely stir your creative juices, Margaret.. Look forward to reading your posts and exchanging notes…best wishes… Raj.

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