Hello, how are you?

Today’s plan was to publish my first post on this brand new blog. Serendipity lead me to WordPress Blogging 101 last night. So here we are doing this challenge together. It’s not what I’d planned to write, but that’s OK, all that can wait.

I’ve been dithering with fear for over a month now so joining the January cohort sounds just fine. Just what I need – a little hand holding.

Why am I here when my earlier attempts at blogging were sporadic and without a heart? The easy answer to that is because all the gurus say we should be. But there’s got to be something more.

I’m a fantasy fiction writer and blogging is my way to say “hello” to my readers.

A book (even an ebook) is such a formal distant thing. We no longer live in a world where authors are mysterious people, unknowable. Now we can reach out both ways – author to reader, and reader to author, share thoughts and ideas.

As for topics they’ll grow out of the activities I’m interested in: spinning, weaving, bushwalking, photography, geocaching, kayaking, reading, music, and all the thoughts that happen along the way.

Twelve months from now? I certainly hope to have blogged consistently. And developed a voice which will appeal to readers. And be over my fear of all this.

Wishing you all well on your blogging journeys.