Depth of Connection


Shaker Wheel

My Great Wheel


To see an antique is to know it intellectually.

To touch it gives a fleeting connection with life and how it was.

To own and use it, is to bathe in a deep slow stream and be held by the past and the present and even the future.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Depth.”

Phoneography – Macro


Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to post this week – I’m not happy with my phone camera – it has been taken ill with the dreaded “HTC One Purple Tint” lurgy. So I’m now limited to broad daylight shots. Or, what I’m inclined to do, adjust the settings so that everything is in B&W and call it “creative”.

I am full of admiration for the contributions of the other participants in this week’s challenge organised by Sally of Lens and Pens by Sally. There has been some very thoughtful discussions in the posts and in the comments. One of the threads on Sally’s own post was on the nature of creativity. It has prompted me to think through my own ideas. I have not studied creativity, so my thoughts about the topic are instinctive and as you will see I still have a bit of a dilemma.

The stitching in my photo is part of the cover on my writing journal – I’ve had it for nearly four years and use it daily and yes the grime is starting to show. The photo itself is just a snap shot – nothing really special except as a memory for me when the cover gets worn too much to use. But, the moment I decided to take the picture – just very briefly – there was a moment of joy. A sensation of rightness. Is creativity the product? Or is it the inspiration or even the process of doing?

It’s something I’ve pondered quite a lot over the last few years in relation to my handspinning. For me the moment when bits of fibre get twisted into a single, not yet even a fully formed yarn, is the moment of creation. I no longer care what happens to the yarns I make as long as I can go on experiencing the formation of yarns – their creation. So I guess I’m feeling that creativity is an act, an experience, a moment; the finished thing that other people get to see is, dare I say, the byproduct?


When I admire my journal cover I am admiring the byproduct of someone else’s creativity. When I handle it, run my fingers along the ridges, play with the beads, delight in the colours, I do get a sense of wonder and delight – I am experiencing something. Creativity? Mine? Or that of the woman who so very carefully crafted it? So I’m now wondering if creativity is the ability to make something that of itself can go on giving others the opportunity to create their own experience of the item?


I left this post sitting overnight and I’m so glad I did. Before I went to bed I was browsing a new book on Haiku poetry. What I’ve read so far is about Basho, the Japanese poet, whose work has inspired and encouraged many modern people to read and write Haiku.

The author says of him:

A wanderer all his life both in body and spirit, Basho concerned himself less with destination than with the quality of the traveller’s attention. A poem, he said, only exists while it’s on the writing desk; by the time its ink has dried, it should be recognised as just a scrap of paper.

From Jane Hirshfield The Heart of Haiku

Closer to home – a blog post inspires a thoughtful comment – a shared act of creation?

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Phoneography Challenge – Nature

Soft Serve Icecream

Summer afternoon
Walking back along the track
Longing for icecream.

I love following Sally’s weekly challenge even though I’m not a regular contributor. It’s summer here and we were returning from a bushwalk – a bit hot and tired – when Nature offered us this icecream. Spotting it there on the rock face, low to the ground, brought delighted laughs. Especially because mine usually end up falling apart like this or melted all over my hand because I can’t eat it that quickly. My haiku was scribbled a bit later in the car.

To enjoy some of the other entries to this week’s challenge Sally has them listed on her own post. You’ll also find the programme and the instructions for participating

LensandPens by Sally

Just as a a by the bye – I’m hoping to have my new blog ready soon, so I’ll let you know the address when it’s ready.

Phoneography Monday – The Sea Urchin

Camera - HTC One

Camera – HTC One

I think I’d only had this camera a few days, maybe a week, when we went for a winter walk along a beach. Sometimes there are sea urchin shells washed up among the rocks and even occasionally they have their spines, but they’re always bleached and brittle. I’d never seen one like this before, I’m not even sure I knew what colour they were.

The experience was as if I had found a jewel, bright and alone on the fresh white sand. From the distance all that could be seen was purple on white, getting closer and with the recognition of it I received a gift.

And it was a delightful gift – one to find and then to leave undisturbed, hopefully for someone else to come afterwards and share my experience.

This post is part of  a Phoneography Challenge organised by Sally of lensandpensbysally. Please go to her post for all the contributions to this week’s Nature Challenge.

Phoneography Monday – processing

Canon EOS 620 by Android HTC One -- Standard camera (ZOE) for original picture, Pixlr Express to adjust hue, saturation and then I decided to apply a "sketch" to see what would happen.

Canon EOS 620 by Android HTC One — Standard camera (ZOE) for original picture, Pixlr Express to adjust hue, saturation and then I decided to apply a “sketch” to see what would happen.

Well Wednesday really.

Our task: 5th Monday: Editing and Processing with Various Apps Using Themes from the Fourth Week (Objects)

Although I love taking photos with my phone I’ve stayed away from most of the effects that seem to be available. I’ve got too many real photos from the 70s which are faded due to the early colour processing problems to ever need to simulate that particular look. I will admit that being able to adjust the balance of the picture is marvelous. And cropping – that’s my favourite.

While reading around the other entries from last Monday I found a new app, Pixlr Express (for Android), thanks to Su Leslie. I’ve also been boxing up all my old SLRs for a TAFE teacher who wants her class to experience film photography. So this story, fairly obviously, is one of old and new.


Have a look at Sally’s entry where she lists all the participants for this week:
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Once again this post was mostly done on the phone – this sentence is being added as I proof on the big screen.