Names List

Oxnam Kirk Cemetery

Oxnam Kirk Cemetery and the grave of George Shields and Margaret Mather

William Miller: a Linen weaver arrived Tasmania 1843 a convict on the North Briton
Mary Dumbrell: a 16 year old from Brighton, England also a convict on the Angelina 1844
Edward Wootton: a shipwright from London who married in Tasmania in 1844
Rebecca Gentles: may have been just 14 when tried in Stirling, Scotland and arrived in Tasmania in 1835 on the Hector
John Shields: a Blacksmith from Roxburgh, Scotland who brought his young family to Tasmania on the Chili in 1832-3
Bridget Audley: from Norfolk, England married John Shields in London 1826 and came with him and three young children on the Chili 1832-3.
David Mowatt: a farmer, probably from Scotland, arrived on the Royal Sovereign with his wife and child.
Susan (Mowatt): arrived with David and 8 year old Isabella.
John Thomas Crisp: married Mary Ann Holyman in Tasmania in 1847 so arrived before then. I suspect he was one of the several “John Crisp” convicts but not sure yet.
Mary Ann Holyman: from Dover, England arrived with her mother, her sisters, her step and half brothers & sisters on the Amelia Thompson all under the name of her step father John Dolbey in 1836.

James Galloway: a coal miner from Glasgow, Scotland arrived in Queensland on the Nairnshire in 1883 with his wife Janet Robertson and 4 young children.
Janet Robertson: from Glasgow arrived on “Nairnshire” 1883
Ernest Butler: from London, married Margaret McIlwraith in NSW in 1885
Daniel McIlwrath: (all those spellings!) from Belfast, Ireland arrived on the Clyde in 1840 with his wife Jane Robinson (also from Belfast) and five children.
James Bibb: from Worcestershire, England arrived on the Marianne in 1832 with his wife Mary Masefield and two children.
James McCann: a coal miner from Tyrone, Ireland arrived with his Aunt and cousins on the Roma in 1882
Joseph Burkett: the flax dresser arrived in Melbourne from Yorkshire, England in 1854
Margaret Young: was from Dublin, Ireland and may have arrived on the Mangerton in 1855. She and Joseph Burkett were in Sydney in 1868 when their son was born and from there moved to Scone in the Hunter Valley, NSW