Art Yarn Haiku

Corespun Yarn with Cocoons


The old swimming hole

Where we squandered hours as kids

Is rank with putrid scum

This is not your everyday knit-a-hat sort of yarn, at least not in my eyes. It’s a style of hand spinning usually called “artyarn” and the techniques I used were corespinning with cocoons. The fibres in their unspun state reminded me of rank and ruined creeks near industrial estates so the haiku was written to reflect the image I saw in the fibres. I was playing with the notion of “art” and wondered if it was possible to combine poetry with colour and texture. It’s only a beginning – an experiment.

I don’t know – do you think something as taken-for-granted as wool can be something more than just a scarf or a beanie?

Phoneography Challenge – Nature

Soft Serve Icecream

Summer afternoon
Walking back along the track
Longing for icecream.

I love following Sally’s weekly challenge even though I’m not a regular contributor. It’s summer here and we were returning from a bushwalk – a bit hot and tired – when Nature offered us this icecream. Spotting it there on the rock face, low to the ground, brought delighted laughs. Especially because mine usually end up falling apart like this or melted all over my hand because I can’t eat it that quickly. My haiku was scribbled a bit later in the car.

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LensandPens by Sally

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